A brief description of each area and basic guidelines to follow are provided in the table below:

Area Path Type Permissions Quota Backups Purged Retention On Compute Nodes
User Home /ccs/home/[userid] NFS User set 50 GB Yes No 90 days Read-only
User Archive [1] /home/[userid] HPSS User set 2TB No No 90 days No
User Archive [2] /home/[userid] HPSS 700 N/A N/A N/A N/A No
Project Home /ccs/proj/[projid] NFS 770 50 GB Yes No 90 days Read-only
Member Work /gpfs/alpine/[projid]/scratch/[userid] Spectrum Scale 700 [3] 50 TB No 90 days N/A [4] Yes
Project Work /gpfs/alpine/[projid]/proj-shared Spectrum Scale 770 50 TB No 90 days N/A [4] Yes
World Work /gpfs/alpine/[projid]/world-shared Spectrum Scale 775 50 TB No 90 days N/A [4] Yes
Member Archive /hpss/prod/[projid]/users/$USER HPSS 700 100 TB No No 90 days No
Project Archive /hpss/prod/[projid]/proj-shared HPSS 770 100 TB No No 90 days No
World Archive /hpss/prod/[projid]/world-shared HPSS 775 100 TB No No 90 days No
Area - The general name of storage area.
Path - The path (symlink) to the storage area’s directory.
Type - The underlying software technology supporting the storage area.
Permissions - UNIX Permissions enforced on the storage area’s top-level directory.
Quota - The limits placed on total number of bytes and/or files in the storage area.
Backups - States if the data is automatically duplicated for disaster recovery purposes.
Purged - Period of time, post-file-access, after which a file will be marked as eligible for permanent deletion.
Retention - Period of time, post-account-deactivation or post-project-end, after which data will be marked as eligible for permanent deletion.
On Compute Nodes - Is this filesystem available on compute nodes (yes, no, or available but read-only)
Important! Files within “Work” directories (i.e., Member Work, Project Work, World Work) are not backed up and are purged on a regular basis according to the timeframes listed above.


[1]This entry is for legacy User Archive directories which contained user data on January 14, 2020.
[2]User Archive directories that were created (or had no user data) after January 14, 2020. Settings other than permissions are not applicable because directories are root-owned and contain no user files.
[3]Permissions on Member Work directories can be controlled to an extent by project members. By default, only the project member has any accesses, but accesses can be granted to other project members by setting group permissions accordingly on the Member Work directory. The parent directory of the Member Work directory prevents accesses by “UNIX-others” and cannot be changed (security measures).
[4](1, 2, 3) Retention is not applicable as files will follow purge cycle.

On Summit, Andes, and the DTNs, additional paths to the various project-centric work areas are available via the following symbolic links and/or environment variables:

  • Member Work Directory: /gpfs/alpine/scratch/[userid]/[projid] or $MEMBERWORK/[projid]
  • Project Work Directory: /gpfs/alpine/proj-shared/[projid] or $PROJWORK/[projid]
  • World Work Directory: /gpfs/alpine/world-shared/[projid] or $WORLDWORK/[projid]


Although there are no hard quota limits for the project storage, an upper storage limit should be reported in the project request. The available space of a project can be modified upon request.


To keep the Spectrum Scale file system exceptionally performant, files that have not been accessed in the project and user areas are purged at the intervals shown in the table above. Please make sure that valuable data is moved off of these systems regularly. See HPSS Data Archival System. for information about using the HSI and HTAR utilities to archive data on HPSS. Just to note that when you read a file, then the 90 days counter restarts.

Special Requests

If you need an exception to the limits listed in the table above, such as a higher quota in your User/Project Home or a purge exemption in a Member/Project/World Work area, contact help@olcf.ornl.gov with a summary of the exception that you need.

Data Retention

By default, the OLCF does not guarantee lifetime data retention on any OLCF resources. Following a user account deactivation or project end, user and project data in non-purged areas will be retained for 90 days. After this timeframe, the OLCF retains the right to delete data. Data in purged areas remains subject to normal purge policies.