IonQ offers access to trapped ion quantum computers and emulators, accessible via their IonQ Quantum Cloud API. For the complete set of currently available devices, qubit numbers, etc. see IonQ Documentation. This guide describes how to use the system once you have access. For instructions on how to gain access, see our Quantum Access page instead.


IonQ backends are available via the IonQ cloud interface via the API and also via many quantum Software Development Kits (SDK’s)

Cloud Access

Users can access information about IonQ’s systems, view submitted jobs, look up machine availability, and update job notification preferences via the IonQ Cloud Console.

  • Jupyter at OLCF: Access to the IonQ queues can also be obtained via OLCF JupyterHub, a web-based interactive computing environment. See examples of common use case notebooks at IonQ Notebook Samples.

Running Jobs & Queue Policies

Information on submitting jobs to IonQ systems, system availability, checking job status, and tracking usage can be found via the IonQ Cloud Console.


A recommended workflow for running on IonQ’s quantum computers is to utilize the emulator first, then run on one of the quantum computers. This is highlighted in the examples.