Processing Project Membership Requests

As a principal investigator of a project at the OLCF, you must approve (or reject) every potential user that requests membership on your project. myOLCF provides a mechanism for processing these requests via the “For My Approval” page.

  1. Click the “For My Approval” link in the “My Account” top navigation dropdown:

for my approval link
  1. You’ll see a list of all pending requests that need your response:

for my approval link
  1. Click the “More Information” button more info button to view the details of an individual request:

for my approval link

4. Click the “thumbs up” thumbs up approve button button to approve the applicant, or click the “thumbs down” thumbs down reject button button to reject the applicant. In either case, you will see a confirmation window:

request confirmation window
  1. Optionally enter a comment, and click “Ok” to submit your response.