Data Transfer Nodes (DTNs)

System Overview

The Data Transfer Nodes (“DTNs”; are hosts specifically designed to provide optimized data transfer between OLCF systems and systems outside of the OLCF network. These nodes perform well on local-area transfers as well as the wide-area data transfers for which they are tuned. The OLCF recommends that users use these nodes to improve transfer speed and reduce load on computational systems’ login and service nodes.

Access & Connecting

DTN access is automatically granted to all enabled OLCF users.

To connect to the DTNs, SSH to For example:


For more information on connecting to OLCF resources, see Connecting for the first time.

Batch Queue

The DTN contains 8 nodes accessible through the DTN batch system.

Queue Policy

Node Count Duration Policy
1-4 Nodes 0 - 24 hrs max 1 job running per user