Network Policies

Network policies are specifications of how groups of pods are allowed to communicate with each other and other network endpoints. A pod is selected in a Network Policy based on a label so the Network Policy can define rules to specify traffic to that pod.

Isolation Explanation

When you create a namespace in Slate with the Quota Dashboard some Network Policies are added to your newly created namespace. This means that pods inside your project are isolated from connections not defined in these Network Policies.

Network Policies do not conflict, they are additive. This means that if two policies match a pod the pod will be restricted to what is allowed by the union of those policies’ ingress/egress rules.

Creating a Network Policy

In the GUI

To create a Network policy using the GUI click the Networking tab followed by the Network Policy tab:

Creating Network Policies

This will place you in an editor with some boiler plate YAML. From here you can define the network policy that you need for your namespace. Below is an example Network Policy that you would use to allow all external traffic to access a nodePort in your namespace.

kind: NetworkPolicy
  name: web-allow-external
      key: value
    - {}
    - Ingress

A blank field matches all. The above example matches on all from/port combinations. Similarly, a blank pod selector would match on all pods in the namespace.


The key value pair, or label, under spec.podSelector.matchLabels will need to match exactly to the pod in your namespace that the policy is for example the above NetworkPolicy would match pods with these labels set:

apiVersion: v1
Kind: Pod
    key: value

Using the CLI

To view the Network policies in your namespace you can run:

oc get networkpolicy -n YOUR_NAMESPACE

to get the name of the network policy and then:

oc get networkpolicy NETWORKPOLICY_NAME -o yaml

to view object’s YAML.

To create a Network Policy, define one in YAML similar to the output of the previous command and run:

oc create -f FILENAME

For a more complex example of a Network Policy please see the Kubernetes doc.

A full reference of Network Policies can be found here.