Helm Prerequisites

The following items need to be established before deploying applications on Slate systems (Marble or Onyx OpenShift clusters).

Establish a project/namespace on Onyx or Marble

Follow Getting Started if you do not already have a project/namespace established on Onyx or Marble.

Install Helm

It is recommended to use Helm version 3.

Helm enables application deployment via Helm Charts. The high level Helm Architecture docs are also a great reference for understanding Helm.

Like oc, Helm is a single binary executable.

  • This can be installed on macOS with Homebrew :

$ brew install helm
  • Or can be pulled from the Helm Release Page. If downloading from the GitHub release page, you can copy this executable into /usr/local/bin to add it to $PATH.

NOTE: One nice feature of Helm is that it uses the underlying authentication credentials used with oc, so once you login with oc login, the helm client will authenticate automatically.

Once oc and helm are setup and you are logged in with oc login, test Helm:

$ helm ls