System Overview

home.ccs.ornl.gov (Home) is a general purpose system that can be used to log into other OLCF systems that are not directly accessible from outside the OLCF network. For example, running the screen or tmux utility is one common use of Home. Compiling, data transfer, or executing long-running or memory-intensive tasks should never be performed on Home.

Access & Connecting

Home access is automatically granted to all enabled OLCF users.

To connect to Home, SSH to home.ccs.ornl.gov. For example:

ssh username@home.ccs.ornl.gov

For more information on connecting to OLCF resources, see Connecting for the first time.


Acceptable Tasks

The Home system should only be used to access systems within the OLCF network. The following are examples of appropriate uses of Home:

  • RSA SecurID Token setup

  • SSH

  • Vi and other non-GUI editors

  • Screen or other terminal multiplexers

Unacceptable Tasks

The following are examples of inappropriate uses of Home:

  • Compiling

  • Data Transfers

  • Long-running or memory-intensive processes