Getting Started

This section will describe the project allocation process for Slate. This is applicable to both the Onyx and Marble OLCF OpenShift clusters.

In addition, we will go over the process to log into Onyx and Marble, and how namespaces work within the OpenShift context.

Requesting A Slate Project Allocation

Please fill out the Slate Request Form in order to use Slate resources. This must be done in order to proceed.

If you have any question please contact User Assistance, via a Help Ticket Submission or by emailing

Required information:
- Existing OLCF Project ID
- Project PI
- Enclave (i.e. Open or Moderate Enclave - Onyx or Marble respectively)
NOTE: Frontier is in Moderate
- Description (i.e. How you will use Slate)
- Resource Request (i.e. CPU/Memory/Storage requirements - Default is
8CPU/16GB/50GB respectively)

Logging in

The web UI for OpenShift is available from all of ORNL (you should be able to reach it from your laptop on ORNL WiFi as well as the VPN).



Marble (Moderate Production cluster with access to Frontier/Orion)

Marble Web Console -

Onyx (Open Production Cluster with access to Wolf)

Onyx Web Console -

Slate Namespaces

Slate Namespaces map directly to OLCF Project ID’s.

Once your Slate Project Allocation Request is approved, you can create your own namespaces and move your allocation around those namespaces via the quota dashboard located at and The terms “namespace” and “project” may get used interchangeably when referring to your project’s usable space within the requested resource boundaries (CPU/Memory/Storage).

Install the OC tool

The OC tool provides CLI access to the OpenShift cluster. It needs to be installed on your machine.

It is a single binary that can be downloaded from a number of places (the choice is yours):

  • Homebrew on MacOS (need Homebrew setup first):


The Homebrew package is not always kept up to date with the latest version of OpenShift so some client features may not be available

$ brew install openshift-cli
  • RHEL/CentOS (requires openshift-origin repo):

$ yum install origin-clients
  • From Source

Test login with OC Tool



Marble (Moderate Production cluster with access to Frontier/Orion)

Onyx (Open Production Cluster with access to Wolf)

Replace <URL> with the appropriate cluster link above (Onyx or Marble).

$ oc login <URL> --username=loginName

where the loginName is your username for the cluster. After entering the login command above, oc will ask you to obtain an API token and will provide a URL like the following: https://oauth-openshift.apps.<CLUSTER>

You will need to go to the given URL in your browser, log in with NCCS, click the Display Token link, copy the command under Log in with this token and enter it into your terminal.

(NOTE: Marble authentication uses NCCS Usernames and RSA passcodes. Onyx uses XCAMS usernames and passwords).

Once you login, the output will tell you what projects/namespaces you have access to.

You can view/select/switch between projects/namespaces with the oc tool:

#List all projects/namespaces available to you
$ oc get projects

#Use or work within specific project/namespace
$ oc project <project-name>