FireWorks is a free, open-source tool for defining, managing, and executing workflows. Complex workflows can be defined using Python, JSON, or YAML, are stored using MongoDB, and can be monitored through a built-in web interface. Workflow execution can be automated over arbitrary computing resources, including those that have a queueing system. FireWorks has been used to run millions of workflows encompassing tens of millions of CPU-hours across diverse application areas and in long-term production projects over the span of multiple years.

To learn more about FireWorks, please refer to its extensive online documentation.


Before using FireWorks itself, you will need a MongoDB service running on Slate. A tutorial to deploy MongoDB is available in the Slate documentation.

You will need to know the connection information for both MongoDB so that FireWorks can be configured to connect to it.

Then, to use FireWorks on Summit, load the module as shown below:

$ module load workflows
$ module load fireworks/2.0.2

Run the following command to verify that FireWorks is available:

$ rlaunch -v
rlaunch v2.0.2

Hello world!

To run this FireWorks demo on Summit, you will create a Python file and then submit it as a batch job to LSF from a Summit node.

The contents for follow:

import os

from fireworks import Firework, Workflow, LaunchPad, ScriptTask
from fireworks.core.rocket_launcher import rapidfire

# Set up and reset the LaunchPad using MongoDB URI string.
launchpad = LaunchPad(host = os.getenv("MONGODB_URI"), uri_mode = True)
launchpad.reset('', require_password=False)

# Create the individual FireWorks and Workflow.
fw1 = Firework(ScriptTask.from_str('echo "hello"'), name = "hello")
fw2 = Firework(ScriptTask.from_str('echo "goodbye"'), name = "goodbye")
wf = Workflow([fw1, fw2], {fw1: fw2}, name = "test workflow")

# Store workflow and launch it locally.

Finally, create an LSF batch script called fireworks_demo.lsf, and change abc123 to match your own project identifier:

#BSUB -P abc123
#BSUB -W 10
#BSUB -nnodes 1

#BSUB -J fireworks_demo
#BSUB -o fireworks_demo.o%J
#BSUB -e fireworks_demo.e%J

module load workflows
module load fireworks/2.0.2

# Edit the following line to match your own MongoDB connection string.
export MONGODB_URI="mongodb://"

jsrun -n 1 python3

Finally, submit the batch job to LSF by executing the following command from a Summit login node:

$ bsub fireworks_demo.lsf

Congratulations! Once the batch job completes, you will find new directories beginning with launcher_ and containing FW.json files that detail exactly what happened.